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MyCondoLink was established in response to a need for affordable and highly reliable intelligent building security automation systems. MyCondoLink has developed a reputation for providing highly reliable solutions for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. We have been designing and installing security automation technology for over 20 years and as a result we pride ourselves on our industry leading team of highly experienced IT and service staff.

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Our extensive experience with residential occupied buildings, means we know how important it is to work closely with the property management team at the start of the project to develop a plan that ensures resident are not compromised and systems can be installed with minimal to no disruption to services.

We see all residential buildings, new or old as a dynamic, forever changing system. This is why at MyCondoLink we value the development of long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We seek to stay actively engaged and continue to provide value and insights to drive ongoing improvement long after the initial work is complete.

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We realize every commercial property is unique and in order to deliver the best end result to our clients we need to fully assess each property before we begin.

That is why, when you engage with MyCondoLink we make it our mission to ensure we work closely with all relevant stakeholders across the facilities team, the consultants or the incumbent mechanical contractors.

We aim to understand as much as we can about the systems, the operations and the goals for the commercial facility before we begin. Our mission is to constantly look for new ways to create additional value for our clients through result driven development of our solutions.

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We provide comprehensive security solutions for a diverse range of facilities across Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

Our security technology and access control systems are simple yet intuitive, meeting the needs of all stakeholders whilst delivering improved tenant comfort and energy outcomes.

From 10 to 40 story industrial buildings and mid-sized to large shopping centers, MyCondoLink has the skills, knowledge and the flexibility to provide access control and building management solutions for all system applications.

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