Customer satisfaction is the key to retaining customers and acquiring new ones. No wonder every business is looking to scale investment in the best quality customer service personnel and call centre technology. There is a constant reinvention of service delivery through technology, especially for client-interacting businesses, and one of such is the Virtual Call Centre Software.

Our virtual call centre software has been adopted by businesses such as shopping malls, hotels, gas stations, banks, vets, medical doctors and many more, to offer a more personalized, face-to-face virtual service to their customers. If this is what you're looking for, then read on for more reasons to choose our Virtual Call Centre Software today.

Cost reduction

With virtual call centre software, you can run and manage your entire call centre without purchasing the required sophisticated and expensive equipment. Together with a virtual call centre, the software delivers a dependable data centre with extensive backup management in the cloud. Using a centred, customer-facing call centre offers you the opportunity to reduce staff overheads but still provide face-to-face customer service no matter the location*. We offer an array of beautiful 4k lobby kiosks up to 95" and beyond for a breath-taking virtual customer experience.

Improved customer service delivery

Did you know that over 85% of customers switch to a competitor due to a poor experience during the customer journey? Customer service call centres largely influence the customer experience and in turn, impact the profitability of a business.

That is why virtual call centre software is the answer to consistently delivering personalized service to your customers to make them happy and increase the chances of repeat business and referrals – which translates to better profits for the company. Our software offers features such as a switchboard to ensure easy transfer of calls, priority on incoming calls and calls between extensions, a call management/queuing system plus much more.

Whether you run outsourced call centres or manage internal call centres for your business, you can understand now why acquiring virtual call centre software is a worthwhile investment for your business. And where best to get it than at MyCondoLink . With our track record of consistently delivering quality systems, you are in safe hands.

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