As a residential or commercial condo corporation, the safety and protection offered by a dependable security camera and access system to ensure peace of mind for those who live or work in your building should be top priority. Perhaps you have installed a security system but they will require regular upgrade to meet up with modern technology and guarantee airtight security, and you wonder whether you have the budget to bear the cost upfront. You don’t have to when we are offering you the option of leasing your security systems. In partnership with DLL – one of the biggest leasing providers globally, who have been leasing equipment to condo corporations for many years, MyCondoLink is taking the financial constraints off you and allowing you to install high-end security systems for your building with the option of leasing, offering the latest advanced technology with low monthly fees.

Benefits of leasing your security systems from us:

Regular upgrade for less

When you lease your security system, you're not behind on upgrades as technology improves. Sophisticated security systems are continually advancing and evolving to provide better and more effective technology that prevents intruders from gaining access to your building.

Buying a new security system each time there is an improved version in the market in addition to maintenance fees will surely be a financial burden. Leasing your security system through DLL offers you the flexibility to upgrade at any time, keeping your security systems advanced with the latest technology. Many public and private buildings are facing large lawsuits from residents and visitors for not having effective security systems in place. These upgrades make your building safer; thereby mitigating any such lawsuit from your residents or visitors as a result of theft or physical harm.

Pick the best

Budget can often be a bottleneck to acquiring advanced, and future-proof security systems with all the added extras that could better secure your building such as facial recognition, cameras with built-in analytics and advancement in artificial intelligence. Leasing a security system gives you the freedom to completely replace your old system without hurting your budget as you won't be paying for it upfront.

With this option of variety available, you can choose high-quality technology without compromising on the safety of your building.

Get in touch with us today via 1-888 416 5055 or to discuss your security system leasing needs. It's a move that will improve the safety and quality of life for those who live and work in your building – but don't take our word for it; give us a try and find out for yourself.