We understand that security monitoring must be active round the clock. Video surveillance is a smart way to ensure that no detail is missed. To help our clients remain perpetually vigilant, we provide professional training and state of the art equipment to video surveillance providers and our partners in the industry, thereby enabling them to deliver best in class video surveillance services to you.

Remote video monitoring and digital surveillance cameras are ideal for use in remote areas where covert monitoring is needed. Residential and commercial communities, farmers, and landholders with assets to protect can trust the high tech cameras provided by our partners and improved with MyCondoLink specialized training and support.

To provide a reliable Video surveillance and mobile monitoring experience, we support our partner organizations who deliver this service with maintenance equipment and security training that help them offer the client the best experience. Furthermore, to help you get the best from your surveillance cameras, we also offer System Engineers whose guidance will ensure you adopt the most cost-effective solution for your surveillance needs. People provide solutions, not boxes of equipment, and we have the industry’s most highly trained personnel.

Technology video monitoring

The right kind of support

  • Latest maintenance technology
  • Efficient training for all parties involved
  • Appropriate, proactive, and fast intervention by specially-trained staff
  • Situations defused before they escalate to lose, damage, or violence
  • Cost-effective and efficient solutions to prevent business disruption
  • Quick access to best in class video surveillance providers

*We offer leading carrier-grade products, and if needed, you will have direct access to our experienced RMS specialists all around Ontario who can advise you and assist with installation.